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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Micanopy, FL

Micanopy commercial district

Micanopy is a town in Alachua County, Florida, United States. It is south of Gainesville. The population in the 2000 census was 653. As of 2004, the population according to the U.S. Census Bureau was 652. The old town of Micanopy is an historic district, and contains a number of antique stores, as well as a large used book store and a couple of restaurants. Micanopy is pronounced as if it were spelled mick-a-no-pee with the accent on the third syllable.

In these stately surroundings, ZC and Natalie raised six children: Mae, Natalie (nicknamed "Pink"), V.J., John, Dorothy and Inez for whom the mansions rooms are named.


Front view of a two-teacher Rosenwald schoolhouse in Alachua County - Micanopy.

Rear view of a two-teacher Rosenwald schoolhouse in Alachua County - Micanopy

Micanopy was the first distinct United States town in Florida, with settlement beginning after Spain ceded the Florida territory in 1821. When explorer and naturalist William Bartram visited in 1774, it was the site of a Seminole village called Cuscowilla. Bartram's favorable writings about this fertile area influenced future generations of settlers. Named after a Seminole chief, the territorial town of Micanopy was built under the auspices of the Florida Association of New York (the earliest Florida development corporation, headquartered in New York City). Both Fort Defiance (1835-1836) and Fort Micanopy (1837-1843) were located here during the Second Seminole War. Some of the bloodiest battles of that war took place along the road southwest from Fort Micanopy to Fort Wacahoota, just inside modern Alachua County.

Portrait of Bartram by Charles Willson Peale

Micanopy's historic district was listed on National Register of Historic Places in 1983. One of the town's founders, Moses E. Levy, is the subject of an acclaimed biography—Moses Levy of Florida: Jewish Utopian and Antebellum Reformer (2005). Micanopy has been used as a location for several major motion pictures including Cross Creek (1983) and Doc Hollywood (1991), and is mentioned in the hit country song "Seminole Wind." Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings home, were she wrote The Yearling and Cross Creek is nearby. The house is now a museum.

Residence : Micanopy, Florida

Noted residents include the late zoologist and author, Archie Carr and his conservationist wife, Marjorie Harris Carr, who lived for many years at their home at Wewa Pond just outside Micanopy.

Sylia Lewis' antique store : Micanopy, Florida


Micanopy hosts a large arts festival every Fall featuring many local (and distant) artists. The festival brings in a crowd much larger than the town's population from across Payne's Prairie in Gainesville and surrounding areas.

Home in Micanopy

Micanopy is mentioned in the Tom Petty song A Mind With A Heart Of It's Own from the album Full Moon Fever.

Garage front : Micanopy, Florida

Micanopy is mentioned in the John Anderson song, Seminole Wind from the album "Seminole Wind." The song is covered by James Taylor on the album "James Taylor Covers." You can see the lyrics at James Taylor's website.

Residence: Micanopy, FL


Micanopy Historic District

Herlong House, now a bed and breakfast

Simonton House

Presbyterian Church, now Episcopal Church of the Mediator.

Old Baptist Church, now a private house.

Historic District:

The Micanopy Historic District is a U.S. historic district (designated as such on January 28, 1983) located in Micanopy, Florida. It encompasses approximately 470 acres (1.9 km2), bounded by roughly Cholokka Boulevard from US 441 to Ocala Street then Smith Street West to Okehumkee Street. It contains 35 historic buildings.

Exterior Links:

Herlong Mansion Bed And Breakfast

Church of the Mediator (Micanopy, Florida)

Micanopy Historic District

Doc Hollywood, filmed in Micanopy.

Micanopy, FL Website

Cotton States newspaper that serves Micanopy, Florida is available in full-text with images in Florida Digital Newspaper Library
Micanopy Branch Library

Walking tour of Micanopy. Church is 6 on list and is labeled Presbyterian Church

Pictures Of Micanopy:

Street view : Micanopy, Florida

Street Scene

Town hall building

Micanopy Service Station, 1930

Pigs raised by J.C. Herlong eating

Memorial Day parade on Smith Street, looking east : Micanopy, Florida, 1918

Micanopy packing company : Micanopy, Florida, 1916

Gate In Front Of Dr. Payne's Home

Dr. George Payne home : Micanopy, Florida

Children dressed as doughboys and nurses : Micanopy, Florida, 1915

J.B. Simonton Home, 1910

J.B. Simonton home : Micanopy, Florida, 1915

Looking west on Ocala Street by Judge Means' house : Micanopy, Florida, 1914

Estauallkee Street : Micanopy, Florida, 1912

Elementary school class picture : Micanopy, Florida, 1909

Micanopy Banking Company building : Micanopy, Florida, 1906

Inside of Chitty's General Merchandise store : Micanopy, Florida, 1900

James McCredie house : Micanopy, Florida, 1895

Simon H. Benjamin's store, 1893

Bauknight family home : Micanopy, Florida