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See Rock City

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The South's Roadside Attractions


World's Largest Office Chair

Anniston is home to the country's largest and the one-time world's largest chair, as designated by the Guinness Book of World Records in 1982. (located at 625 Noble St. Anniston, Alabama 36201, USA)

World's Largest Hog, Dothan, Alabama, USA

The Monument to the Hog looks west towards the highway from a break in the tree line. The business in the nearest building seemed abandoned, though an old railroad track under the overpass was still in operation. When we stopped, the porcine scrap metal sculpture was wrapped in strings of Christmas tree lights.

World's Largest Boll Weevil, Enterprise, Alabama, USA

The Boll Weevil Monument in Enterprise, Alabama at its original location. A replica now stands in its place to prevent theft and vandalism.

The gold peanut is Dothan's original monument

World's Largest Brick, Montgomery, Alabama, USA

The huge red dog and fire ant sculptures are still here, and are occasionally joined by other creations from Northport metal worker Steve Davis.

World's Largest Catfish, Troy, Alabama, USA

World's Largest Soda Bottle (Destroyed), The Bottle, Alabama, USA

Built in 1924, The Bottle, also known as the Nehi Inn, was one of the first "world's largest" roadside attractions. Despite the attraction itself being destroyed by fire in 1933, the community of The Bottle, Alabama still bears the name of its famous attraction.


World's Largest Spinach Can, Alma, Arkansas, USA

The city of Alma is "the spinach capital of the world". This designation was adopted because Alma surrounds the spinach plant of the Allen Canning Company. The city has several landmarks and events to commemorate its connection with the green, leafy vegetable. For example, the city has two statues of Popeye, both of which are in the downtown area. The city commissioned a bronze Popeye statue for a new park in 2007. The city's original statue was restored and moved to Kustom Kaps & Apparel, a business in downtown Alma where the statue is displayed in the store front. The city's water towers, which stand prominently above Lake Alma, have been painted green, and one of them displays a Popeye Brand spinach can label. The towers are known as the "largest cans of spinach in the world." The city also hosts a Spinach Festival each April.

The self-proclaimed “Spinach Capital of the World” has moved the 1987 creepy Popeye statue indoors into a gift shop on Fayetteville Avenue, just a short distance from the 2007 Popeye statue/fountain.

World's Largest King Kong, Beaver, Arkansas, USA

Several miles to the south from the town of Beaver is Dinosaur World, a theme park covering 65 acres, which has 100 life-size sculptures of dinosaurs and cavemen. It also features a 40-foot tall statue of King Kong known as the "World's Largest King Kong". The park however has been closed since 2005 and is now a favorite spot for urban explorers.

World's Largest Razorback, Berryville, Arkansas, USA

This particular Razorback is hand-made, and stands on someone's lawn outside of a honey store on US 62. It's made of metal, chubby with stunted legs, but fierce looking in a cartoonish way. It appears to be designed for mobility, perhaps to be pulled in parades or used to chase down rival mascots.

World's Largest Charcoal Grill, Magnolia, Arkansas, USA

The pit at Big Boy's Toys is still located in Magnolia, AR, on hwy 79. The pit looks like a big rocketship laid on its side. It is portable. Hook it up too any pickup or car and tow away to your favorite picinic area. They also have some smaller pits -- one looks like a locomotive engine. All of their pits are trailer mounted.

Each year there are over 5000 steaks cooked on the square here in Magnolia, AR. You cannot imagine the smell in the air when more than 50 grills of all shapes and sizes begin the cook-off. Be sure and get your tickets early as they will go fast. Steak tickets are available from the Magnolia Chamber office, Farmer's Bank, BancorpSouth, Peoples Bank, Summit Bank, Carter Federal Credit Union, and Jennifer’s.

As always, this years steaks will be 16oz Ribeyes provided to us by Certified Angus Beef Brand steaks.Certified Angus Beef brand is the only Angus Brand endorsed and monitored by the American Angus Association’s 28,000 cattle ranchers.

World's Largest Raven, Ravenden, Arkansas, USA

The first statue honoring the raven was conceived by resident Bob Clemens, built by the town's volunteer fire department in 1991, and paid for with local donations. It was constructed of fiberglass, a widely used material for civic symbols (when the permanence of concrete or steel isn't in the budget). But as several municipalities have found, fiberglass statues harbor a fatal weakness.

World's Largest Tuned Musical Windchime, Eureka Springs, Arkansas, USA

The World's Largest Tuned Musical Windchime was erected by windchime artist, Ranaga Farbiarz, in the parking area of Celestial Windz Harmonic Bizaar, south of Eureka Springs, Arkansas on Thursday, November 4, 2004.


World's Largest McDonald's, Orlando, Florida, USA

Billboards make the claim "World's Largest Entertainment McDonald's and Play Place" for miles in both directions on I-4. The exterior is decorated with a giant french fries sign and checkered pattern.

World's Largest's Bowling Pin, Tampa, Florida, USA

World's Largest Cross, Orlando, Florida, USA -

208 feet tall, the Great Cross is illuminated by spotlights at night.


World's Largest Chicken, Marietta, Georgia, USA

The Big Chicken is a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in Marietta, Georgia, which features a 56-foot-tall steel-sided structure designed in the appearance of a chicken rising up from the top of the building. It is located at the city's biggest intersection of Cobb Parkway (U.S. 41) and Roswell Road (Georgia 120) and is a well-known landmark in the area. This road - Highway 41 - was once known as the four lane, as it was the only 4-lane road in Marietta.

World's Largest Peanut, Ashburn, Georgia, USA

Peanut Capital of the World

The Big Red Apple

Though not the world's largest, Cornelia is proud of its concrete and steel "Big Red Apple," built in 1925 at the old train depot. It weighs 2 and 1/2 tons and gleams bright red from its pedestal.


World's Tallest Wood Rocking Chair

This is the world's tallest wooden rocking chair, 35 feet tall (a metal rocker in Missouri is 46 feet tall). A slightly smaller rocker made by the Dedeaux Clan was eaten by termites, and this larger chair replaced it in 2008.

Mammy's Cubbord

A luncheonette and gift shop built inside a 28-foot tall black woman's capacious skirt.

World's Largest Red Cedar Bucket

Seven feet tall, displayed outdoors in a little gazebo, it can hold 1,500 gallons of water.

Giant TePee BBQ Restaurant

This place is a tepee structure BBQ restaurant and is on Highway 49 heading back to the Delta to Yazoo City from Jackson on the right. It has been there for years and refurbished time and again. Unfortunately, it is closed for remodeling again, but it still marks where you are when you pass it on the road.
Labeled the "World's Largest Red Cedar Bucket," it stands outside the Cedar Bucket Furniture Company, built in 1985 by the owner's son as a promotional gimmick.

The Uniroyal Gal

There is one placed seasonally at a fireworks stand in Byram, Mississippi (Exit 85 off of I-55 just south of Jackson) She has a yellow sweater and a blue mini skirt.


Steen Syrup Mill - Big Cans

Three big storage tanks at the C.S. Steens Syrup Mill in downtown Abbeville are painted to look like yellow 100% Pure Cane Syrup containers. Address:119 Main St., Abbeville, LA

The Giant Crawfish

Swamp Daddy's restaurant doesn't need any fancy neon sign to coax curious travelers to stop at their restaurant. A giant red crawfish sits next to this establishment on the lawn.

Big Root Beer Mug

Up on a pole. A good 3-D sign, with frothy root beer foam spilling from the rim.
Address:402 Government St., Baton Rouge, LA

World's Largest Ronald Reagan Statue

President Ronald Reagan never visited Covington, Louisiana. Covington had been a Democratic stronghold for a century, and the city fell on hard times during the oil bust of the second Reagan administration. It would seem to be an unlikely place to build the world's largest Ronald Reagan statue.

But by 2003, Covington had gone Republican. A local councilman had just successfully renamed a parish road Ronald Reagan Highway. The first new signs went up in Covington, and it was at that dedication ceremony that a car pulled up and out stepped Patrick F. Taylor, Louisiana tycoon, owner of Taylor Energy Company, one of the 400 richest men in the world, and a good friend of Ronald Reagan.

"He told us that day, 'When Reagan passes away I'm gonna build the largest memorial to him that I can,'" recalled Trey Blackall, Covington's city council president. "And we said, 'We'd love to have it in Covington!"

Reagan died in 2004. The city waited for Taylor to fulfill his pledge, but he passed away five months later. It was left to Taylor Foundation to see the plan through, and after many deadlines and approvals the statue finally went up, in Covington, in 2008.

Reagan stands almost 10 feet tall -- one-and-one-half times life size -- atop a six-foot pedestal. Clad in a business suit, raising his right arm in a military salute, with a trademark Reagan smile on his face, he seems to be saying, "Welcome to the team, Covington."

The Giant Mailbox

14 feet tall, 8 feet deep, 4 feet wide, it's been around since 1956. There are no nearby houses, only flat farm fields. Address:US Hwy 65, Newellton, LA

North Carolina

World's Largest Bureaus, High Point, NC, USA

This Bureau sits in the front of the Thomasville Furniture Co. in Thomasville, N.C.

World's Largest Chest of Drawers - Iconic symbol of the city since 1926, the World's Largest Bureau is an example of automobile-oriented pop architecture and has been featured on numerous broadcasts such as MTV and The Travel Channel.

World's Largest Duncan Phyfe Chair Thomasville, NC, USA

Thomasville is commonly referred to as the "Chair Town" or "Chair City", in reference to a 30 foot landmark replica of a Duncan Phyfe armchair that rests in the middle of the city. The original "Big Chair" was constructed in 1922 by the Thomasville Chair Company (now Thomasville Furniture Industries) out of lumber and Swiss steer hide to reflect the city's prominent furniture industry. However, this chair was scrapped in 1936 after 15 years of exposure to the weather. In 1951, a larger concrete version of the chair was erected with the collaboration of local businesses and civic organizations and still remains today. The Big Chair gained national attention in 1960 when then Presidential Candidate Lyndon B. Johnson greeted supporters on the monument during a campaign whistle stop. Although larger ones have been built, many Thomasville residents still boast that the Big Chair between the two Main Streets is the World's Largest Chair.

World's Largest Ten Commandments, Murphy, NC, USA

Ten Commandment Mountain Mountain faces Prayer Mountain, where more fit members of the congregation can ascend a long curving stairway to the altar at the top. Along the way, there are 29 important teachings of the Bible explained on headstone-like monuments.

World's Largest Frying Pan, Rose Hill, NC, USA

15 feet in diameter, weighs two tons, can cook 365 chickens at a time. Sheltered under its own special gazebo with a large sign and explanatory plaque.

Muffler Man, Goldsboro, NC

Fiberglass Paul Bunyan hoping against hope to sell tires from the roof of a closed White's Tire business.

World's Largest Seahawk, Wilmington, NC

In the Spring of 2009 the campus of the University of North Carolina in Wilmington became the home of the world’s largest seahawk. Sculpted out of copper by a local artist, it has a wingspan of 20 feet and weighs a ton (A real seahawk has a wingspan of six feet and weighs about four pounds).

Souvenir Shop Gator, Holly Ridge, NC

A large souvenir shop must be entered through the open jaws of an immense alligator. Of recent vintage, and well done.

"Nutzilla" is a mega-squirrel size tribute to Raleigh, "City of Oaks."

World's Largest Strawberry, near Rockingham, NC, USA

The giant strawberry building is part of a farmer's market. It is on interstate 220, about 2 miles south of the town of Ellerbe.

South Carolina

World's Largest Peach, Gaffney, South Carolina, USA

The Peachoid Peach water tower along Interstate 85 in Gaffney.

World's Largest Rocking Chair, Belton, South Carolina, USA

Eddie the World's Biggest Kid

Promoted as the World's Biggest Kid, Eddie stands 40-foot high and weighs 17.5 tons. He's the cornerstone of Columbia's Edventure Children's museum. Eddie is completely hands-on, allowing children and adults to climb through his heart, brain and stomach, and even slide out of his intestines.

World's Largest Fire Hydrant

At almost 40 feet tall and five tons, this tilted-by-design public sculpture is not intended to provide a single drop to fight fires. But it's the largest of three contenders for the largest hydrant title. Address:1400 Taylor St., Columbia, SC

The Baseball Water Tower

This baseball water tower is outside the ballpark of the Charlotte Knights (AAA) minor league baseball team.


World's Largest Rubik's Cube

The World's Largest Rubik's Cube is back! It was just recently moved into the Knoxville Convention and Exhibition Center (not to be confused with the Knoxville Convention Center). The cube was a gift from the Hungarian government for the 1982 World's Fair.

The Guitar Building

The "Grand Guitar" once contained a music museum, but that's closed and the uniquely-shaped building is aging rapidly. Address:3245 W. State St., Bristol, TN

The Big Green Dragon

Since the 1980's, a hand-built, very large, colorful green dragon with tiny wings had refrained from igniting his fireworks store. Then, in May 2011, the fireworks store caught fire. Address:292 John McGhee Blvd, Caryville, TN

Giant Coke Cans

The 'largest pair of replica aluminum cans'. This may help fill the gap from the loss of the Old Style Cans. Cleveland, TN

World's Tallest Three Crosses of Calvary

This is the world's largest set of three crosses. The tallest cross is 150 feet and they are located right on the interstate for all to see. They are very large, white,and built to withstand 70 mph winds. They are the "Steeple" for Bellevue Baptist Church, the largest church in the Southeast.

Giant Chicken with Chef Hat

What's even more impressive than its size and its chef's hat is that it carries its own carving knife. Address:1371 Bryson Rd, Elkton, TN

Big Fries, Hot Dog, Shake

Giant fast food replicas are part of the rooftop decor at this drive-thru restaurant.
Address:1120 E. Stone Drive, Kingsport, TN

The Skinny Indian

The tall, skinny, nearly nude Native stands. Home-built, maybe 25 feet tall, with tense hands and a "Whatever, dude," expression.

Women's Basketball Hall of Fame, giant basketball

A hard-to-miss burnt-orange marker for the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame.
Address:700 Hall of Fame Drive, Knoxville, TN

America's Largest Pyramid

Built in the 1990's as a sports arena, currently empty, this sloped skyscraper has only reinforced our belief that all pyramids are cursed. Address:1 Auction Ave., Memphis, TN

World Trade Center Made of Rusty Debris

This Twin Towers replica stands about 20 feet tall, and is made of rusted, ragged steel scraps somehow welded together in an airy lattice. It has an eerie, 1960s comic book, post-atomic holocaust look to it, which perhaps explains its location outside of The American Museum of Science and Industry, formerly known as the American Museum of Atomic Energy. "World Trade Center: Sculpture of Steel" is its official title; a gift from Limor Steel of Nashville, Tennessee. (Located in Oak Ridge, TN)

The Big Catfish

The Paris in France may not be known for its catfish, but the Paris in Tennessee is.
Address:Tyson Ave., Paris, TN

Old Airplane-Shaped Filling Station

On a trip back from Memphis we stopped in Powell, TN specifically to see this old gem on the side of the road. Elmer and Henry Nickle built the Airplane Service Station, along the newly widened US 25, in 1930. It pumped its last gas some time in the 1960s and has housed a few different businesses through the years.

The unique architecture design was intended to attract drivers -- which it did and still does today. The side of the building displays a sign that says "Save the Airplane Filling Station." There is a group of people that have started the "Airplane Filling Station Preservation Association" created to help restore the building to original condition and keep it from being torn down! SO....go check out this really awesome sight, visit its website, and maybe see how you can get involved to help save the plane!

Dolly Parton Statue

Dollywood, the theme park, is just up the road in Pigeon Forge, but we prefer this little celebrity landmark on the lawn of the Sevier County Courthouse. The statue is a life-size bronze, part of a 28-stop downtown walking tour of Dolly's hometown. Nearly everyone claims to know her personally.

Under a shady tree, the figure by artist Jim Gray depicts the young, starry-eyed Dolly, barefoot, sitting on a rock with her guitar. Her left breast, while not matching her later proportions, is grope-able, but the right is covered. We had to bide our time while dressed-up couples straight from church paid their respects and cleared out.

Flying Saucer House

The Flying Saucer House on Signal Mountain just outside of Chattanoga, TN, is well maintained. An internet search now reveals that is it available as a vacation rental.


World's Largest Office Building - The Pentagon, Arlington, Virginia, USA

The Pentagon is the world's largest office building by floor area, with about 6,500,000 sq ft (604,000 m2), of which 3,700,000 sq ft (344,000 m2) are used as offices. Approximately 23,000 military and civilian employees and about 3,000 non-defense support personnel work in the Pentagon. It has five sides, five floors above ground, two basement levels, and five ring corridors per floor with a total of 17.5 mi (28.2 km) of corridors. The Pentagon includes a five-acre (20,000 m2) central plaza, which is shaped like a pentagon and informally known as "ground zero".

The Giant Water Can

A giant working water can. It's a large welded metal sculpture on the side of the road at "Holly, Woods, and Vine" on Richmond Hwy. The most interesting thing is that it actually works! Water flows from it in warm weather. Not a lot of giant stuff in these parts, but this one's a pleaser.

18-Foot-Tall Mermaid Carved from Tree

Paul Jackson has put his splintery siren up for sale on Craigslist. The 18-foot-tall mermaid was carved in 2004 from a dying tree in Jackson's front yard.

World's Largest Chair - Grove Park Mission, Bassett, Virginia, USA

Bassett Furniture's headquarters have remained in Bassett, Va., since it began in 1902. A few miles outside of Bassett is Billy's Flea Market, which is home to frequent traditional music and dance shows in the traditions of the Blue Ridge area, as well as an annual Jamboree.

Large Cast Iron Skillet

Large replica of a cast iron skillet on the outside of a True Value hardware store.

World's Largest Star, Roanoke, Virginia, USA

A giant neon star that glows an eerie red, white and blue atop Mill Mountain, giving permanence to Roanoke's claim to be "Star City of the South."

World's Largest Ham, Smithfield, Virginia, USA

The ham and the museum remain much as the other tipsters have said. They found the ham after it had fallen off the conveyor belt around 1902. I forget his name (I will call him Mr. Smithfield) wanted to see how long it would last. Around 1920 he put a gold leash on it and started taking it to parties. Now it's outlived him.

World's Largest Gorilla, Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA

There is a huge gorilla in board shorts and a hawaiian shirt. He has been burned down a couple of times. When I was little he just wore red shorts. After they rebuilt him one time he had glowing red eyes and was rather scary. Now he has glowing green eyes, which is still freaky.

World's Largest Sea Serpent, Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA

"Isabel" is big and built as if its head, humps, and tail are rising and falling out of the sand. Address:3524 S. Sandfiddler Rd, Sandbridge Beach, VA

World's Largest Rollerskate, Warrenton, Virginia, USA

Made of wood and plaster, it's been around since the 1980s, a relic of the Pre-Rollerblade Epoch.

The Lighthouse Water Tower

Cape Charles, a small town on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, has a water tower built to look like a lighthouse. Designed in 1992, the water tower is patterned after the old Cape Charles Lighthouse.

The Big Viking

It's 2010 and the Viking is still a Viking. It's all "For the glory of Odin" and no "Avast ye landlubbers." He stands guard over the Kiwanis Flea Market field.
After entering town on Maddox Blvd., turn right on Chicken City Rd., which becomes Ridge Rd. It will be less than a mile down on your right. You can't miss it. Looks great at sunset.

The Little Apple

An early example of fiberglass maestro Mark Cline's work, a big fruit that has beguiled passing drivers since the late 1980's.

Another Large Apple #2

There's another huge apple in Winchester, about a half block east of the World's Largest Apple on Piccadilly Street. The newer one has portraits of figures important in Winchester history, like Washington, Byrd (of North Pole fame), Stonewall Jackson, etc.

World's Largest Apple, Winchester, Virginia, USA

A symbol of civic pride in the local fruit growing industry, Winchester's big apple stands in front of an antebellum mansion.

Giant Statue of Neptune

34 feet tall bronze Neptune holds a trident in one hand and a turtle in the other.
Address:Boardwalk, Virginia Beach, VA

The Big Pencil

Impressive scribbler points down to the entrance of an office supply store, frightening those who fear impalement by a big pencil.b Address:146 West Main St., Wytheville, VA

Chattanooga, TN


 The first Krystal restaurant opened in Chattanooga in 1932.

Source: Internet