See Rock City

See Rock City

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Retirement Fun

 So you're a senior citizen now,
Well, congratulations friend!
You've reached the point of no return,
The beginning of the end.

You know, it's all downhill from here,
At least that's what they say.
No job, no boss, no work to do,
And don't forget -- no pay! 

You're on what's called a "fixed income",
As much as they allow.
Mine wasn't broke, I told them so,
But they fixed it anyhow!

And oh yes, another thing,
You'll be eating cheaper now.
Won't have to buy delicious foods,
Can't eat them anyhow. 

The doctors say, "You watch your weight!"
"Your cholesterol's too high!"
And you need to get that pressure down,
Or else you're gonna die!

And many other benefits, We didn't talk about,
Bifocals, bunions, "Meals on Wheels",
It's enough to make you shout! 

So have fun, enjoy and laugh alot.
No need of being blue.
You've waited all your life for this,
And now it's all come true.

So, cheer up friend, as you join in,
And don't be sad or glum.
Just grin and bear it best you can,
The worst is yet to come!