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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Annesdale Park Subdivision In Memphis TN

Developed as an exclusive neighborhood in 1903 by Brinkley Snowden and T.O. Vinton, Annesdale Park was the first subdivision in the South planned upon metropolitan lines. It was considered an important display of confidence in the city's future. Early residents included Tennessee Governor Malcolm R. Patterson and State Supreme Court Justice Arthur S. Buchanan.

Annesdale-Snowden 1906

The vision of early developers of Memphis is seen in this classic example of turn-of-the-century neighborhood of American four-squares and bungalows. A combination of two subdivisions, South Annesdale (1906) & Snowden Homestead (1910), the area was developed by brothers Brinkley & J.B. Snowden on land surrounding the family home, Annesdale (1855).

The subject site is a 7.18 acre parcel situated along the south side of Lamar Avenue, just east of Bellevue Boulevard. The site is occupied by the Annesdale Snowden Home which was constructed in 1850 and established by the Snowden Homestead Subdivision. The applicant is requesting to utilize the existing structure as his primary residence as well as be allowed to lease limited areas of the house, and more generously, the grounds for private events such as weddings, wedding receptions, and corporate retreats. The principal structure encompasses more than 8,600 square feet of floor area with over 7 acres of planned gardens and vegetation.

Annesdale Snowden - Memphis, TN

The Annesdale Snowden Historic District is a combination of two early twentieth century subdivisions developed by the Snowden family on land surrounding Annesdale, their family home. The origins of the neighborhood can be traced back to 1850 when Dr. Samuel Mansfield built an Italianate mansion on the outskirts of Memphis on a knoll above the stage route to Mississippi. In 1869, Colonel Robert C. Brinkley bought the home as a wedding gift to his daughter, Annie Overton Brinkley, and her new husband, Colonel Robert Bogardus Snowden. The two hundred acre estate was called Annesdale in her honor.

Colonel Snowden and his sons, John and Robert, built "Annesdale Park" in 1903, recognized as "the first subdivision in the South." After this successful venture, the Snowden brothers developed the Snowden Homestead Subdivision in 1910. The streets were named after the children and the exclusive lots sold for top prices. The homes in Snowden Homestead featured all of the modern conveniences of the era.

Annesdale Snowden comprises nearly 200 early twentieth century homes in a virtually intact setting. Few houses have been added since 1931. This unique, historic setting was recognized by the United States Department of the interior in 1979 when the area was listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The City of Memphis recognized the historical importance of the area in 1983 by designating Annesdale Snowden a Memphis Landmark, the first residential neighborhood to be so honored.

Today the area thrives. Significant renovation and restoration of the area's houses have led to a vital, close-knit neighborhood. In Annesdale Snowden, the neighborhood gathers for events monthly such as family-friendly cocktail hour; neighborhood picnics; garage sales; meetings; Easter-egg hunts and holiday parties. Former neighborhood association president Ian Randolph stresses the importance of regular activities, which "creates a safe community, maintains and increases our property value, and add to our residents' quality of life."

Colonel Robert Bogardus Snowden – the first one – poses with other Confederate Army officers; the date and location are unkown. He's the one in the middle, with the sword across his lap. - photograph courtesy Snowden Family

Colonel Robert Bogardus Snowden – the first one – poses with other Confederate Army officers; the date and location are unkown. He's the one in the middle, with the sword across his lap. - photograph courtesy Snowden Family

History of Annesdale Mansion

History of Annesdale MansionDr. Samuel Mansfield built the Annesdale Mansion, an Italianate Villa, in 1850. Considered a historic residence, the Annesdale is one of the largest and oldest homes to grace the Memphis area.
It is located in the Annesdale Snowden Historic District. The Snowden family developed this landmark neighborhood during the early twentieth century.

Colonel Robert C. Brinkley bought the estate as a wedding present for his daughter Annie Overton Brinkley, and her husband, Colonel Robert Bogardus Snowden. He named the estate “Annesdale” in her honor.  The Annesdale Mansion and its gardens were home to the prominent Snowden family for more than 160 years. It even served as a Civil War hospital.

In 2010, Ken Robison purchased Annesdale.  Since then, he has gone to great lengths to restore Annesdale back to its former glory.  He preserved the hand painted 14-foot ceilings, Aubusson window treatments and several 9-foot oil painted panels and many other priceless attributes that make the Annesdale Mansion so authentic.

Certain renovations were made to facilitate Annesdale as an event venue. Ken had central heat and air installed, as well as a full catering kitchen. Annesdale was also made handicap accessible.

Annesdale Mansion was thrilled to open its gates to the public Fall 2013! By sharing the history and beauty of the Annesdale Mansion, it will live on as one of Memphis’s most historic treasures.  Let our history be a part of your future.

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