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See Rock City

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Casey's Motel Highway 51 S. Memphis, TN Circa 1950

Casey's Motel Highway 51, Memphis, TN - c. 1950s postcard

"Caseys Motel
1585 S. Bellvue, Highway 51 South in Memphis"

Photograph by Leigh Ann Black.
Casey's Motel
1585 S. Bellvue, Highway 51 South
Memphis, Tenn. - Telephone Whitehall 8-5846
Less than 15 minutes from loop district.
Air-Conditioned - Convenient to Good Food.
Television - Wire of write for reservations.
Rooms $7-10 a night"

This motel still remains in South Memphis, but it is boarded up and for sale at the present time.