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Thursday, February 20, 2014

The 50 Safest Cities In Georgia

50 safest cities in Georgia
Here at SafeWise, we know one of the most important decisions you’ll ever have to make is where you and your family will live, so we want to help you figure out which cities and towns are the safest and best for you.
After pouring over the most recent FBI Crime in the U.S. Report, we combined those statistics with our own research to bring you a comprehensive list of the 50 safest cities in Georgia with populations of 5,000 or more as of 2012.

If you’re thinking about relocating to this bustling southern state, take a look at our Georgia Home Security and Crime Prevention Center to find out more about safety in the Peach state.

1. Auburn

One of the smallest, most intimate cities on this list, Auburn, with just over 7,000 residents, is proud that only 76 crimes were reported in the entirety of 2012, including not a single murder, arson, rape, or robbery—planting it firmly at the top of our list.
Other than safety in Auburn, this Northern Georgia gem offers a diversity of residential homes, town homes, and apartments with a beautiful use of green space. This includes five parks with a mix of playgrounds, walking trails, camping, and even the Parks Family Sports Complex. The town has recently enjoyed citywide growth projects such as a brand new library, the restoration and revitalization of its community center, and its current construction of a designated downtown. In essence, Auburn is where old Southern charm meets booming industry and residential development.
Auburn, GA: The safest city in Georgia
Courtesy: City of Auburn, GA Facebook

2. Johns Creek

Johns Creek may be the perfect combination of hustle and bustle with serenity and safety. Despite its larger population of more than 80,000 people, Johns Creek still reported no murders or arsons in 2012, making safety in Johns Creek a remarkable achievement.
Besides being part of the fastest growing metropolitan area in the U.S., it is Atlanta’s leading suburb and offers commendable public schools and neighborhoods. Johns Creek makes the best of both worlds by being close enough to take advantage of all of Atlanta’s economic growth and vibrant culture while still being far enough away (30 miles) to enjoy a quieter side of life. Residents can also enjoy the greener side of Johns Creek at the Autrey Mill Nature Preserve and Heritage Center.
Johns Creek, GA: The 2nd Safest City in Georgia

3. Milton

Milton is one of the most recently incorporated cities in Georgia, having just officially formed in 2006, but already it has established itself as a well-to-do destination for families and business owners. Just last year, Milton’s Economic Development Department was founded to promote sustainable business growth and commercially zoned developments throughout the city.
The city takes care of its residents with a wealth of parks, green space, and recreational activities that are fun for the whole family. You’ll find a plethora of active entertainment at the four baseball diamonds at Bell Memorial Park, the Freedom Park exercise hub, and the Bethwell Community Center, which hosts a variety of recreational programs, activities, and summer day camp—all endless sources of fun for your family. An added benefit, Milton also boasts one of the lowest crime rates in the city, including only six robberies and no motor vehicle thefts reported in 2012.
Milton, GA: The 3rd Safest City in Georgia

4. Holly Springs

Situated in the heart of Cherokee County, just north of all the action in Atlanta, Holly Springs is a promising family destination, complete with welcoming neighborhoods and a thriving economy. Besides being an outstanding city to raise a family in, residents also enjoy a low crime rate, including only seven motor vehicle thefts and no cases of murder or arson in 2012.
In addition to everyday recreational activities at the Holly Springs Community Center, you can join the fun when Holly Springs residents celebrate the fall with Autumn Fest, a day filled with children’s activities, entertainment, food, and a place where local crafters and businesses can showcase their products.

Holly Springs, GA: The 4th Safest City in Georgia
Courtesy: City of Holly Springs

5. Peachtree City

Despite its larger population of about 35,000, Peachtree City manages to retain a small town charm about it, particularly in its friendly neighborhoods and community participation. You have six villages to choose from, complete with a ride range of housing options. With only six robberies and seven aggravated assaults in 2012, Peachtree City has proven to be one of the safest cities in Georgia.
There’s never a shortage of things to do in Peachtree City. Between the Peachtree sports league and designated tennis and golf facilities, anyone loving outdoor sports is bound to find something to be involved in. You can also attend concerts at the 2,000-seat outdoor FRED Amphitheater and enjoy other sources of entertainment and the arts, such as theater and dance groups, as well as music performances.
Peachtree City, GA: The 5th safest city in Georgia
Courtesy: CC BY SA

6. McRae

McRae is one of the smallest towns on our list, with a population of just over 5,600 people. It is known as The Crossroads City due to the four major highways that cross through it. The city connects to both Atlanta and the Atlantic Coast by way of about two and a half hours, making it close enough to the city and beach to enjoy them while still preserving the quaint, community feel of a tight-knit town.
Its small town vibe is reflected in its distinct local culture and low crime rate. With only one robbery and two motor vehicle thefts reported in 2012, McRae allows you to feel safe about maintaining your personal belongings. If you’re looking for a cultural center within the city limits, you can visit the Telfair Center for the Arts, which is a rehabilitation of the Old South Georgia College.
McRae, GA: The 6th safest city in Georgia
Courtesy: Paula Rogers, Telfair County Chamber of Commerce

7. Tyrone

Located in Fayette County about 25 miles south of Atlanta, Tyrone maintains its feeling of quaint authenticity with 18th century homes that still stand from the city’s original descendants. Historic, vibrant neighborhoods and great schools and recreational programs make Tyrone a great place for families.
Adults and kids alike can enjoy getting involved in all types of classes, clubs, and camps, such as martial arts (for both kids and adults), yoga, Zumba, British Soccer Camp, and all-ages stretch and strengthening classes. There are also a wide range of sports for kids and adults to get involved with and stay busy. Tyrone only reported two violent crimes, both of which were aggravated assaults, which means no robberies, rapes, or murders in 2012.

8. Braselton

As a community, Braselton has come together and figured out how to all but erase violent crime from its city limits, with only six reported throughout all of 2012, which is impressive.
Braselton is situated on the I-85 business corridor across Jackson, Hall, Gwinnett, and Barrow counties. Its location makes it a suitable spot for both living and working, with plenty of play time thrown in. One of the best know places here is Braselton’s world-class amenity, Chateau Elan Winery and Resort, which not only incorporates the vibrant Chateau Elan Golf and Residential Community but also entices more than half a million visitors to the city each year. Where work meets fun and relaxation, Braselton is a choice place to live.
Braselton, GA: The 8th Safest City in Georgia
Courtesy: Chris Pruett, CC BY SA

9. Jefferson

This northeastern Georgian city, about an hour north of Atlanta along I-85, is a picturesque community full of greenery and life, including rolling hills, small farms, and lakes. Its workforce is moving from a more rural, agricultural base to more commercialized and industrialized businesses, which has made it easier for more residents and business folk to find their way to this growing town.
Without a doubt, the safety in this town is due at least in part to a community effort that includes heightened environmental awareness and plenty of active and engaging year-round recreational programs that promote teamwork and creativity among youth and adults alike.
Jefferson, GA: The 9th safest city in Georgia

10. Kennesaw

Kennesaw has multiple schools that earn top rankings on school ratings sites, including all levels of schooling, so your children are sure to receive a top-notch education. The community also houses a vibrant parks and recreation department with a number of programs designed to promote the physical, social, and mental wellbeing of Kennesaw residents—it was even recognized as the Georgia Recreation and Park Association’s 2011 Agency of the Year. Get a dose of culture at the Southern Museum of Civil War and Locomotive History or a breath of fresh air at the 16 acres of the Smith-Gilbert Garden.
Kennesaw, GA: The 10th safest city in Georgia

11. Canton

Canton has exploded in population over the past decade, jumping from 3,500 residents in 2000 to more than 23,000 in 2012. Part of this stark increase in population has been Canton’s renewed dedication to fostering businesses, particularly new startups, which has attracted more businesspeople and entrepreneurs.
In addition to belonging to the Cherokee County School District, which was one of the first school districts in the nation to achieve “District Accreditation as a Quality School System” from SACS CASI, Canton is also home to Chattahoochee Technical College. The city also has a dedicated Community Development Department that manages current and long-range planning, land development, building construction, and code compliance for ensuring the efficacy and efficiency of Canton as a city. For all these reasons, Canton is a great location for both starting a business and starting a family.
Canton, GA: The 11th safest city in Georgia
Courtesy: Akhenaton06, CC BY SA

12. Hampton

Hampton is considered the only major city west of I-75. One distinction Hampton has from other towns is its designation as not only “Tree City” and “Bird Sanctuary,” but also “Playful City” in both 2012 and 2013, the only city in Henry County to achieve this designation. Playful City means that the community encourages active youth participation in sports, playground fun, and other recreational activities. Adults can enjoy activities like touring a brewery in the old jailhouse, taking an historic walking tour, or enjoying a meal at any of the city’s several dining locations.
Hampton’s small town atmosphere lends way to a lower crime rate, including only 10 violent crimes reported in 2012. If you’re looking for a city that’s both safe and fun, Hampton is a great choice for your family.

13. Roswell

Roswell is the second largest city on our list, but only one murder and three arsons reported in 2012, which is impressive for a town with a population of over 92,000 people.
Roswell offers a wide range of both educational and recreational activities for kids and adults. The Roswell Library hosts an annual Roswell Reads program that encourages book clubs to focus on a certain book throughout the year and also hosts sessions such as Creative Writing for Children. In terms of schooling, Roswell has several elementary schools that earned the highest honor on school ranking sites as well as many other fine schools for your child’s progression through his or her education, all of which make Roswell a great place for education-focused parents and their children.
Roswell, GA: The 13th safest city in Georgia
Courtesy: Carrie Qualters, CC BY SA 2.0

14. Acworth

Dubbed “Atlanta’s Lakeshore,” Acworth promotes both business and development of its downtown as well as tourism to the city. The city takes advantage of its proximity to Georgia’s capital while maintaining its own unique aspects as a smaller, more tight-knit community.
Residents also have at their disposal a variety of recreational activities such as preschool sports camp and adult flag football, sponsored by the Acworth Parks, Recreation, and Community Resource Department. The department also offers senior programs, such as Senior Chair Yoga and the Senior Citizen Luncheon, and special needs programs, such as Horizon Baseball League and Horizon golf, tennis, and soccer clinics.
Acworth, GA: The 14th safest city in Georgia
Courtesy: HowardSF, CC BY SA

15. Alpharetta

Alpharetta rounds out our top 15 safest cities in Georgia. Alpharetta has dedicated much time and resources to its City Center Downtown Redevelopment Project, which the city encourages its citizens to be involved with. Community involvement in city planning and safety is one reason for Alpharetta’s very respectably low crime rates.
As part of the Fulton County public schools system, Alpharetta regularly wins awards and recognition for its top-notch educational opportunities. The nationally accredited Alpharetta Recreation and Parks Department also provides its residents with year-round sports, activities, and special events, which have been recognized as outstanding programs for children, adults, and seniors. In addition several parks, the Greenway is a beautiful, safe pathway that snakes along Big Creek, and there is even a dog park for all of the pet lovers in the city.
Alpharetta, GA: The 15th Safest City in Georgia

16. Commerce

Commerce blends quieter rural areas with busier centers for business and growth. It is another great city for educational development and families with growing children. In addition to a strong school district, the Commerce Library provides outstanding library services, instructional educational programs, and a wealth of resources.
To keep city life engaging and exciting, Commerce’s Parks and Recreation Department offers many youth and adult recreation programs, summer camps, and downtown commerce activities. It also schedules special events throughout the year, such as Music and Fireworks, Back to School Beach Party, and Cruisin’ Commerce.

Commerce, GA: The 16th safest city in Georgia
Courtesy: City of Commerce

17. Duluth

Duluth takes care to provide its citizens with fun activities throughout the year, which promote the arts and Arts for Education program, community partnership and relationships, and local restaurant and catering businesses, to name a few. Duluth also offers a number of parks and a dog park in addition to athletics, senior adult programs, and a community fitness room.
To maintain the city’s low crime rates, or even improve them, Duluth has developed a Citizen Police Academy, which is designed to introduce Duluth residents to various aspects of police work. This in turn improves safety in the community with more citizens on the lookout for suspicious activity in their otherwise fantastic neighborhoods.
Duluth, GA: The 17th Safest City in Georgia

18. Flowery Branch

Flowery Branch provides the small town vibe you want with the thriving business community you need. The city is home to a wide range of businesses and promotes business development within the community, making it a perfect center for growing a company or startup. In addition to business, Flowery Branch also focuses on safety and boasts a low crime rate including only four violent crimes in 2012.
Looking for some cultural fun? Visit the Historic Train Depot and Historic Caboose to step back in time to the 19th century when the city was in its infancy. The city also hosts events throughout the year such as the Flowery Branch Spring Art Festival and Spirit of Joy Food Bank Car Show. For a thriving town with plenty to do, Flowery Branch is a great place to live.
Flowery Branch, GA: The 18th Safest City in Georgia
Courtesy: Faolin42, CC BY SA

19. Suwanee

Suwanee stands proud of its low 2012 crime rate with only seven robberies, so residents can feel a bit safer in their homes and on the city streets. The Suwanee Police Department has earned national accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, meeting CALEA’s 459 professional standards. Through community-based programs, the department works closely with residents and businesses on a daily basis to promote security and quality of life for residents of Suwanee.
The children of Suwanee attend schools of the Gwinnett County Public Schools system, which is Georgia’s largest and one of the most highly rated school systems. It is actually a two-time finalist for the Broad Prize for Urban Education and winner of the 2010 award, which signifies it is one of the top urban school districts in the U.S. That’s certainly something for the residents of Suwanee to be proud of!
Suwanee, GA: The 19th Safest City in Georgia

20. Grovetown

In this small town, you can enjoy new and modern homes and a community that knows you by name. As for schools, Grovetown belongs to the Columbia County school system, in which its elementary and secondary students consistently excel at a level above their peers in both the state and the nation.
With a population of nearly 12,000, Grovetown reported only seven violent crimes and no cases of murder or arson in 2012. The city’s police department takes a community-oriented approach to fighting crime and integrates its diverse staff with a number of volunteer officers. Rather than a strategy or tactic, the department refers to this approach as a philosophy to live and work by.
For a smaller, intimate living environment with strong school systems and a commitment to safety, Grovetown is your destination.

Grovetown, GA: The 20th safest city in Georgia
Courtesy: City of Grovetown

21. Port Wentworth

Commonly referred to as “Savannah’s Front Porch” and “Savannah’s Affordable North Side,” Port Wentworth is a great place to live if you’re looking for a home outside of bustling Savannah but close enough to the action—and one with a little action and flavor of its own. Located minutes from the Savannah River, the city has a number of fishing, boating, and other watersports available in addition to historical attractions, such as the Savannah River Plantations.
Port Wentworth is one of the smallest towns on our list and ranks in the top 25 safest cities in Georgia. No murders and only four robberies were reported in all of 2012, despite continued growth in population due to developments in conveniences, services, and attractions over the years. A budding city with plenty of opportunities for work and fun, Port Wentworth is one of the most exciting parts of the outer Savannah area.

22. Dallas

Dallas is situated in the Atlanta metro area in the heart of Paulding County, which is Georgia’s second fastest growing county, and while maintaining its growing population, Dallas has put various police measures in place to keep its crime rate at a minimum. As a result, the city reported just seven robberies in 2012, making the streets feel a bit safer for the city’s residents.
This growing population needs things to do, and Dallas answers with Sara Babb Park. The park is a hub of recreational activity, including four lighted tennis courts, two baseball/softball fields, two volleyball courts, a swimming pool, bicycle trails, and more. Coleman Camp Park is another park in the area that offers plenty of walking trails, outdoor grills, and picnic tables. The Dallas Theater Civic Center buzzes with activities, ensuring that there’s never a shortage of things to do in Dallas.
Dallas, GA: The 22nd Safest City in Georgia
Courtesy: TheMillCreek, CC BY SA

23. Perry

Perry is a budding area for economic development and has specifically crafted an environment to support local businesses. The city’s chief industry is tourism, and it is especially known for the Georgia National Fairgrounds and Agricenter, which frequently hosts outdoor events, banquets, trade shows, and conferences. The city also has facilities for rental: the Perry Arts Center and James E. Worrall Community Center, plus pavilions at Rozar Park and Creekwood Park. Living in Perry, you can either enjoy the entertainment coming to you or create your own avenues for entertainment.
Perry reported only eight robberies in 2012, which is an impressive feat for a town of more than 14,000. Perry has very involved public safety initiatives, including a crime prevention neighborhood watch, wherein citizens are introduced to the anticipation, recognition, and appraisal of crime risks and the initiation of steps to remove or reduce crime.
Perry, GA: The 23rd safest city in Washington
Courtesy: John Trainor, CC BY SA 2.0

24. Fayetteville

Fayetteville has received some media attention in the past few years: named one of The Best Towns in Georgia for Young Families by NerdWallet, one of “Forbes” Top 10 Suburbs for Retirement, and the county was listed in the Top 20 Locations for Budding Technology Economy by “Business Insider.” With these types of recognitions, it is clear that Fayetteville is a great city for families of all kinds.
In addition to a thriving police department, the residents, business, and leaders of Fayette County have developed the Fayette Visioning Initiative. They have joined together to create a city plan for the next five years, ensuring a bright future for the area.

25. Woodstock

Woodstock has seen a lot of growth in recent years, even making “Forbes” tenth fastest-growing suburb in the U.S. in 2007. Woodstock keeps its citizens busy with year-round special events, such as concerts in the parks, holiday parades, and festivals. The city has a Community Garden and several parks, including The Park at City Center, Dupree Park, and others, and a dog park, aptly named Woofstock Park. You can also take a ride down the mountain biking trails organized by the Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association of Woodstock.
Woodstock, GA: The 25th safest city in Georgia
Courtesy: City of Woodstock

26. Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill’s smaller population allows it to retain a small town charm while still offering a number of services and entertainment options, such as outdoor adventures, fishing, and phenomenal local seafood. For potential residents who want to feel safer in their city as well, they will appreciate Richmond Hill’s low crime rates, with only four robberies and no murders reported in 2012.
Packed with fun things to do, especially for outdoors lovers, Richmond Hill has a variety of parks and facilities for residents and visitors to enjoy, including Boles Community Park with Harris Trail and picnic tables, J.F. Gregory Recreational Park with the Colonial Coast Birding Trail and Pavilion, and more. The John W. Stevens Wetlands Education Center provides an interactive educational experience complete with information about wetlands ecosystems and preservation. The city also offers the Richmond Hill Museum and Richmond Hill Veterans Monument.
Richmond Hill, GA: The 26th safest city in Georgia
Courtesy: City of Richmond Hill

27. Pooler

Pooler is a fantastic city for families and individuals of all ages. The city promotes both economic development and offers a variety of recreational activities, including adult and youth athletics, gymnastics classes, and dance classes to keep its citizens active and engaged. The city’s facilities also include the Senior Center, which organizes activities for seniors, such as health and exercise classes, arts and crafts, day trips, shopping trips, and hot meals.
All leaders of the Pooler Police Department have been involved for at least a decade, and they have become adept at controlling crime rates within city limits. There is also a CrimeStoppers Tipline that residents use to report suspicious activity and keep crime rates to a minimum.
Pooler, GA: The 27th safest city in Georgia
Courtesy: Ken Lund, CC BY SA

28. Eatonton

Eatonton is one of the smallest cities on our list, and it reported no murders and only five motor vehicle thefts in 2012. The Eatonton Police Department was recently awarded a Wal-Mart Community Grant, which it has used to conduct community information sessions that allow citizens to become more involved in crime detection and prevention.
Safety is just one aspect of Eatonton. The city has dedicated itself to providing affordable homes to buy and rent, promoting efficient and cooperative government services, and priding itself in its family-friendly, small town atmosphere. With a dedication to education, the Eatonton Public Library recently received a grant from the Atlanta Community Foundation, which it has used to increase its inventory of children’s books and enhance children’s reading and story programs. Eatonton has also committed to fostering a vibrant tourism industry with plenty of dining and shopping options for visitors and residents alike.
Eatonton, GA: The 28th Safest City in Georgia
Courtesy: City of Eatonton

29. Bremen

Bremen is a quaint small town situated in the gently rolling hills of West Georgia that combines a friendly atmosphere with its downtown’s industrial heritage and convenience to metropolitan culture. In the Bremen City school system, third graders have consistently improved year over year on Georgia Criterion-Referenced Competency Tests, and in many subjects, a majority of students often exceed expectations set by the state. To keep kids and adults active and excited about play and leisure time, Bremen’s Parks & Recreation Department offers a variety of programs, such as child and adult athletics, cultural programs, and senior activities.

30. Rincon

Though Rincon is smaller, it is one of the fastest growing communities in Georgia, located just 20 miles from downtown Savannah. Maintaining its small town appeal, Rincon reflects the qualities of a true small town with friendly neighborhoods, thriving families and businesses, and conveniences, family entertainment, and recreation just around the corner. The city is abuzz with locally owned shops and services, and its youth sports programs have been a key part of its foundation for success. If your family enjoys getting more involved with the community, you’ll find plenty of local civic organizations, food pantries, and emergency agencies to volunteer with.
In Rincon, clearly safety is a top priority, which is why it rounds out our list of the top 30 safest cities in Georgia. With a population of 9,000, the city reported only four violent crimes, including no aggravated assaults, which helps give residents a true sense of security.

31. Loganville

Loganville is a great destination for families with children with its variety of public and private schools to choose from, many of which are highly rated so you know your children will receive a top-notch education. The city also loves to put on special events for residents, such as the Groovin’ on the Green concert series with five concerts spread out over the course of the year. They also host such events as the annual Autumn Heritage Festival and Lighting of the Christmas Tree, all of which bring this community together in the name of fun and hometown support.
Loganville, GA: The 31st safest city in Georgia
Courtesy: City of Loganville

32. Smyrna

Smyrna offers a variety of community education services for its residents, including drug and alcohol awareness, which may help keep this city safe. Smyrna is not only a proud member of the Cobb County school district, but it also supports the Smyrna Education Foundation, which is active in the educational advancement of Smyrna’s public schools. Smyrna offers a wealth of activities for children and adults of all ages, including everything from Abrakadoodle Yummy Art Camp and Advanced Tumble Bears to adult co-ed sports and senior fitness classes.
Smyrna, GA: The 32nd Safest City in Georgia
Courtesy: Ken Cook, CC BY SA 2.0

33. Sandy Springs

In addition to pursuing the safety of its citizens, Sandy Springs is dedicated to attracting both new and established businesses, which is a main component of its large population. To keep those businesspeople and their families in the city, Sandy Springs has quality public, private, and magnet education options. As for parks and recreation, the city offers the Sandy Springs Tennis Center, with 24 lighted courts and recognition as “one of the finest public facilities in the country” by “Tennis Magazine,” as well as Big Trees Forest Preserve, which offers 1.5 miles of walking trails with a serene, picturesque backdrop.
Sandy Springs, GA: the 33rd safest city in Georgia
Courtesy: City of Sandy Springs

34. Waynesboro

Small businesses have been especially attracted to the opportunistic atmosphere in Waynesboro. To entertain these businesspeople, the city provides a flurry of activities, from pristine golf courses and several parks to athletics programs, classes like archery and ceramics, and DIY classes such as Christmas Cookies and Deco Mesh Wreaths. You’ll also find a high-quality public library and attractions like the Confederate Memorial Cemetery, Waynesboro Ice Plant, and Greenway Trail.
For Waynesboro in 2012, 11 seemed to be a magic number in terms of its crime rate with only 11 robberies, burglaries, and motor vehicle thefts each. The Waynesboro Police Department focuses on maintaining effective partnerships between the department, citizens, and business and community leaders to maintain this low crime rate.
Waynesboro is a great place to settle down with a family and feel safe and secure in your living, working, and playing environments.

35. Powder Springs

In Powder Springs, home sales are very affordable, with prices ranging from about $100,000 to $160,000, so the budget-conscious family can find a great place to live here. Its most common industries are retail trade, transportation and warehouse, construction, and manufacturing, making it perfect for all blue-collar workers.
For sports and outdoors lovers and families alike, Powder Springs offers a variety of parks with everything from full-sized soccer, football, and baseball fields to prime spots for picnicking, hiking, canoeing, and fishing. For seniors, the Powder Springs Senior Citizens Center is perfectly suited for active and independent seniors who are looking for new ways to meet friends, take classes, work out, and stay healthy. Powder Springs offers a wide range of services and activities to attract families and individuals of all ages in addition to its low crime rate and effective police department.

36. McDonough

In addition to focusing on safety, McDonough established the McDonough Main Street Program, which is a community-driven initiative that centers around the revitalization of older, traditional business districts. This is to encourage economic development while preserving both the marketplace status quo and historical traditions and landmarks.
Part of this program goes to funding tourism initiatives of the McDonough Hospitality and Tourism Board that promote McDonough’s history, activities, events, and accommodations to potential visitors. All in all, McDonough is a key city in Georgia for establishing a business in an area where you feel safe, comfortable, and surrounded by effective and efficient business principles and practices.
McDonough, GA: The 36th Safest City in Georgia
Courtesy: John Trainor, CC BY SA 2.0

37. Austell

To support the city’s population, the Austell Business Association promotes a positive business environment that provides both networking and promotion opportunities for businesses and fosters community involvement. Further supporting the community, the city offers recreational activities and plenty of green space with six different parks located throughout the city. Austell also supports the I.T. and Lodemia Terrell Community Garden and Education Center, where 24 plots, with more on the way, are currently reserved for floral and vegetation growing purposes.
Safety is another attraction to the city. In 2012, Austell reported no murders, a sign that the area’s homes and citizens are safe. The police department handles not only crimes and investigations but also the city’s emergency 911 operations, which keeps the department linked at all times with what’s going on in the community.
Austell, GA: The 37th Safest City in Georgia

38. Decatur

Decatur has its own independent school system with a set of 200 quality teachers, over 70 percent of whom have advanced degrees, and consistently strong test scores among its students. Decatur also keeps its events calendar packed with activities for residents of all ages, including such programming as aerobic seniors, aerobic dance, ageless grace, yoga, and needlework, to name a few. For more ways to keep busy, the city offers numerous volunteering opportunities to support the local community, including neighborhood cleanup campaigns, advocacy for the elderly and disabled, and more. No matter what stage your family or life might be in, Decatur can be a great place to call home.
Decatur, GA: The 38th Safest City in Georgia
Courtesy: Goingstuckey, CC BY SA

39. Doraville

Doraville continues to thrive and supports a growing and diverse population of the Atlanta metropolitan area while maintaining a small-town charm that does wonders for its residents. This close-knit community offers a wide range of activities that build teamwork and camaraderie among its participants, particularly the youth. This includes youth basketball, martial arts, Tai Chi and Qi Gong classes, hip hop dance classes, and youth sports camps. Doraville is a vibrant city perfect for the active family.
The city’s police department can also proudly stand behind its low 2012 crime statistics, including only 19 reported robberies and 12 reported aggravated assaults in the entire year. The city sponsors a wide range of safety and crime prevention programs, such as auto theft prevention, con and fraud prevention, a crime prevention checklist for businesses, and home safety, all of which contribute to its commendable low crime rates.
Doraville, GA: The 39th safest city in Georgia
Courtesy: City of Doraville

40. Jackson

Jackson is one of the smallest cities on this list, just making it with a population of a touch over 5,000, and its low crime rate reflects its small-town appeal. With only three robberies and seven motor vehicle thefts reported in 2012, residents can rest a little easier. Located just 40 miles south of Atlanta in historic Butts County, it is far enough away to sustain a safer, small-city vibe while being close enough to all the action of the major metropolitan area.
Despite being small, Jackson is also progressive and diverse and provides a solid economic platform for businesses to thrive on. Local businesses, such as family-owned shops and restaurants, are abound in this area, particularly in its small, but thriving downtown area. With all its own small town charms, Jackson provides a great balance between rich history and culture and thriving economic development.
Jackson, GA: The 40th Safest City in Georgia
Courtesy: John Trainor, CC BY SA 2.0

41. Adel

With its vast offerings of homes and apartments of all prices, Adel is a good fit for families at any economic level. As a member of the Cook County School District, the city also offers a solid educational background to students of all ages.
Another small city on our list, Adel reported just four robberies in 2012. One way that Adel maintains a low crime rate is by providing plenty of activities to keep its citizens busy and engaged with the community. This includes athletic programs, such as youth soccer, football, basketball, and baseball, senior programs like bingo, bridge, and Walk and Talk in the Park, and music and dance lessons at the Delle Beamguard Community Center. The city also preserves several parks and the Massee Post Road Complex facility.
Adel, GA: The 41st Safest City in Georgia
Courtesy: Michael Rivera, CC BY SA

42. St. Marys

St. Marys is located in coastal Georgia as a gateway to Cumberland Island National Seashore, the largest of the Georgia Coast’s barrier islands. As a result, St. Marys naturally has an Aquatic Center open in the summer that features a variety of attractions, such as the Splash Mountain water playground, Orange Crush twister water slide, lap pool, and lazy river called The Oasis. This Aquatic Center contributes to St. Marys focus on tourism within the city. For endless and safe water-based fun, you’ll love the coastal accommodations of St. Marys.
St Marys, GA: The 42nd Safest City in Georgia
Courtesy: Legohead, CC BY SA

43. Cairo

Cairo is another budding city with exciting economic and educational development. Business in Cairo is varied but focuses primarily on manufacturing, service, and healthcare companies. To keep everyone busy in their leisure time, Cairo offers hiking, fishing, and points of historical interest within close proximity, and it also puts on various local festivals, including the Antique Car Rally and Calvary’s Mule Day.
Cairo, GA: The 43rd safest city in Georgia
Courtesy: Michael Rivera, CC BY SA

44. Clarkston

Located in the heart of the Atlanta metropolitan area, Clarkston provides the peace and quiet that people love about small towns just outside of major cities. Clarkston residents are committed to fostering a walking and biking community, a unique characteristic of the city’s cultural makeup.
The city also promotes outdoor activities, including its new renovation of Milam Park, which is now equipped with all new playground equipment, bike paths, a dog park, a new swimming pool complex, an ADA walking trail, and a Wildlife Nature Preserve and Twin Lakes with fishing that is open to the public. Clarkston has everything you could ever love about a tight-knit, community-driven small town all wrapped up in one rich, entertaining package.
Clarkson, GA: The 44th safest city in Georgia
Courtesy: City of Clarkston

45. Camilla

Camilla maintains its own small town appeal with a safety record to boot. The city endures by providing its citizens with a comfortable lifestyle surrounded by convenience, history, and beauty all at the same time.
Camilla is located at the heart of one of the most efficient, irrigated agricultural production systems in the world, wherein crops such as peanuts, pecans, and cotton are grown in the town’s surrounding fertile fields. The processing of these crops also provides the city with many jobs. Where education is concerned, the city offers a public primary, elementary, middle, and high school, one private school, and Southwest Georgia Technical College. Camilla is an all-around great place to live whether you’re in the process of developing a business, raising a family, or a little bit of both.
Camilla, GA: The 45th safest city in Georgia
Courtesy: Michael Rivera, CC BY SA

46. Kingsland

If you’re looking for the perfect blend of small town and outdoors, you’ll love Kingsland and its vast meandering rivers, creeks, beach, and marshgrass, all teeming with wildlife. Growing still as a small town, Kingsland’s school system is also growing to keep pace, and it has built several new elementary schools over the past two decades, with more on the way. Kingsland is also home to Coastal Georgia Community College so students can continue their education before entering the workforce. Kingsland is a great way to experience the services of a larger small town that remains enveloped by nature.
In Kingsland, with a population of just over 16,000, personal safety and property are well protected, and the city reported only one arson in 2012. If you’re looking for a great education, plenty of outdoor activities, and safety for your children, Kingsland is the place to be.
Kingsland, GA: The 46th safest city in Georgia
Courtesy: Ebyabe, CC BY SA

47. Newnan

One contribution to the low crime rate in Newnan is an active neighborhood watch program hosted and developed by the Newnan Police Department, who introduced new technology to help citizens quickly and proactively prevent crime.
Community interaction also contributes to education and wellbeing of residents. Several of the city’s schools consistently rank well among online rating sites, and they include a good mix of public and private options. In addition to varied community and recreational activities, Newnan offers the Newnan Citizen Academy, a unique and innovative way to deepen residents’ relationship with the community through classes and activities that engage participants with the city. If you’re looking to really get involved with your city, Newnan is a great place to be.
Newnan, GA: The 47th safest city in Georgia
Courtesy: City of Newnan

48. Lawrenceville

Lawrenceville is ideal for educating your family. The city supports a thriving and vibrant school system, including dozens of public schools and a half a dozen private schools located in the area. The city also houses an impressive number of colleges and universities, including Georgia Gwinnett College, which is the nation’s first four-year public college created in the 21st century and Georgia’s first four-year public college established in more than 100 years.
Lawrenceville, GA: The 48th safest city in Georgia
Courtesy: DeKalb,CC BY SA

49. Blakely

Barely making our list with a population of just over 5,000, Blakely reported no murders and only two robberies in all of 2012. In addition to a crime rate that keeps its residents feeling safe and secure, Blakely provides a host of other benefits to its citizens. These include a school system declared among “Georgia Schools of Excellence” by the Georgia Department of Education, low cost of living, low utility rates, low property taxes, and high-class Southern hospitality. Blakely defines the small town spirit by maintaining friendly, charming neighborhoods and by offering its residents quality services and places to live at reasonable prices.
Blakely, GA: The 49th safest city in Georgia
Courtesy: Robbie Honerkamp, CC BY SA

50. Centerville

Centerville prides itself as “a quiet, friendly city dedicated to community service”—in other words, all the perks of a small town, including the close community involvement and interaction that comes along with it. Part of that community interaction is getting local businesses involved, promoting excellent education, and invigorating city life with convenient dining and shopping.
With a population of about 7,000, having just nine robberies reported in 2012 is a notable accomplishment. For a community that is as productive as it is safe and friendly, Centerville may be your top choice—and one that rounds out our list of our 50 safest cities in Georgia.