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Thursday, May 29, 2014

“Redbull” Do You Love It?

You might change your mind.

I'm disgusted at "Redbull" and hope you will be too. Be sure to check out both links in this post.
Do you love your Redbull or other "Energy" drinks?
Maybe you will change your mind when you discover you have drinking bull semen and urine.
YES! You have been drinking bull semen and urine.
The main ingredient in most if not all energy drinks is "TAURINE".
Taurine is named after the Latin Taurus, which means bull and the last 3 letters "ine" from the word urine.
Read the following and I hope you send a message to Redbull and other "Energy" drink producers.
I hope you break the dishonest owners bank accounts. I kept that statement clean.
Then if they come back and state they no longer use that and you believe it after their first attempt at being dishonest all for their greed, then I feel sorry for you.

The link below shows you where the ingredient in Redbull and other energy drinks is being harvested.

At the link below you will find the list of ingredients (one ingredient being
"Tautine") in Redbull.

Source:  Keeping My Eye On the Sparrow Photography