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Sunday, February 24, 2013

2013 ~ The Chinese Year Of The Snake

The Chinese lunar new year is the year of the snake. It sure is in Florida ! I've gotten many emails to update you guys on our big snake hunt. The Python Challenge attracted about 1500 hunters from all over and at the end of the hunt (Feb.10) sixty-eight pythons had been eradicated from our Everglades. Had they been able to hunt in the Everglades National park, there would have probably been more successful. With that many people hunting and only 68 caught tells you how elusive these snakes really are. They are so well-adapted here and as you walk along, you can actually step on one without knowing it was there. According to the National Academy of Sciences, rabbits and raccoon have completely vanished from the Everglades. Possums are down 98% and bobcats 88%. If we don't do something, there will be nothing BUT these snakes (and some alligators) in the Everglades. It's not their fault they are there. Some people put them out when they get too big for a pet. There is a hypothesis that during hurricane Andrew, thousands escaped snake farms in the area. Whatever, it's getting to be a dangerous place. I feel sorry for the snakes but as food declines in the Everglades, guess where the snakes will go for it -- yards where your pets and children are. Florida has asked Congress for help but all they say is "it's Florida's problem. ( Invasive Pythons Aren't Just Florida's Problem --). They will expand to other places that can support them. They are excellent swimmers too... how do you think they got to Key West? And they are reported to already be in the panhandle of Florida... watch out Southern USA.

Map of Current Range for Potential Burmese Python Survival

This python is trying to eat a Gator

Python 15 Feet Long, and 162 Pounds

They have a Venom 1 Team in Miami (attached to the Miami-Dade Fire Dept) who's job it is to go out when people spot unwanted snakes and animals in their yards. They keep many types of anti-venom so whenever anyone is bitten, they are there. Many people would die without this team and you can watch them work on Animal Planet's Swamp Wars.

Venom One - Miami's Snakebite Response Team

Welcome to The Python Hunters Website

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