See Rock City

See Rock City

Thursday, February 21, 2013

How Many People Can The Wagon Hold?

This is a great analogy !!!!!! LISTEN TO THIS !!!!!!!! If for no other reason, the logic is very interesting.....

This is a wonderful argument on an element of social behavior at work in the USA, more especially to watch unfold in the next four years. The setting is an open discussion with two men on stage at a US college auditorium. These two men are responding to the audiences questions --- one of those men is Dinesh DSouza --- who is so intelligent and thoughty to listen to because of the immense clarity of thought which he uses responding to the pros and cons of a social situation given by the audience -- this is a learning opportunity

I love it when complex issues can be put into simple terms. How many can the wagon hold. Click here to listen to this.

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