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See Rock City

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dukedom, KY and TN

Dukedom is an unincorporated community in both Graves County, Kentucky and Weakley County, Tennessee, straddling the state line in the western part of both states. The location is 36°30′8″N 88°42′54″W; The elevation is 487 feet above sea level.

The community is notable as the location of the Knob Creek Church of Christ, established in June 1834, the first Restoration Movement congregation to adopt the name Church of Christ.

American Civil War

Dukedom is connected with Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest, who served in the American Civil War on the side of the Confederate States of America. A Kentucky highway historical marker in the community reads:

CSA Gen. N. B. Forrest with main body of cavalry passed this way before and after destructive raid on Paducah, March 25, 1864. Returning, Kentucky regiments, camping near here, given leave to seek food, horses, get recruits, visit families. Not one deserted. News item led Forrest to send men back through here again, April 14, to capture horses missed before.

The Old Dukedom Cemetery is 1/4 mile to the West on State Route 129 on the North side. The Cemetery contains Civil War internment's but is in poor condition which is slowly being improved by the new property owner.

Notable Residents

Jimmy Work, country musician

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