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See Rock City

Monday, August 26, 2013


Many people are saying they cannot see this photo. So I re-saved it as a  (jpeg), hopefully you can see it and please, if you want, pass it around and share it so that we can make our Parish aware of whats in the water here!

This is a picture of my moms arm after the doctor's found it to be Vibrio, the flesh eating bacteria. She was fixing "raw crab" from Lake Boudreaux and surrounding areas and picked herself with one of them. The next morning we were in the ER at TGMC where we watched her blood pressure go as far down as 45/32. We were literally watching my mom die from this horrible horrible bacteria that, at the time, the doctor's didn't know what it was. They got her blood pressure stable and she was then moved to CCU where they could observe her more closely. The next day we were all in shock to what her arm looked like!! This bacteria was eating our mom alive!! Then the doctor's finally realized, after getting somewhat of results from cultures they had taken Saturday, that it was Vibrio. They took her immediately into surgery where the doctor cut the top layer of skin to relieve all the pressure from the swelling this devil was causing. Amputation was drawing nearer and nearer per the doctor's. 

Thankfully, once they cut the skin and all that infection just oozed out of her arm, her condition began to improve!! She has undergone 2 surgeries where they went in and removed the medicated gauze to replace with new one. Now she is in a private room upstairs and is doing SO well!! They continue to change the gauze twice a day with little meds for the pain. She's on a long road to recovery, but SHE'S HERE!!!!! This bacteria is very very bad and we only want to educate the public as to how to avoid catching this and risk losing a limb, or worse, their life!!

Again, feel free to share if you want and I do apologize for the graphics, but if one doesn't know exactly what something like this causes, then they will always be in the dark!!

Thanks to ALL and I mean ALL who wished and is wishing our mom well and the millions of prayers she's go and is still getting from everyone of you!!!!! But most importantly, thank YOU GOD for letting us keep her!


Source: Eileen Jackson