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See Rock City

Thursday, March 6, 2014

7 Free Brain Games You Haven’t Tried Before

Strengthen your gray matter with these challenges to memory, math skills, and more.

line drawing of leaves

Entangled Figures

As the name implies, this visual brain game tests your ability to pick out line-drawn objects, such as leaves, bicycles, or animals layered on top of one another. Choose a difficulty level from one to ten, then get to work strengthening your attention and visual-spatial skills.


The Right Word

Attention logophiles: This fast-moving word brain game will test your vocabulary and memory. First, you're challenged to spell a word after being given just its definition and the first two letters as clues. Then, you're asked to come up with three words in two categories that begin with the same letter—for example, name three trees and three articles of clothing that begin with "C." Finally, you're quizzed to remember the words from the first part. 

scrabble letters

Text Twist 2

If you like the board game Boggle, you'll love Text Twist 2. From seven random letters, you'll need to create as many three-, four-, five-, and six-letter words as possible in two minutes (you can also play without the clock). Earn bonus points for coming up with the word that uses all the letters.

playing cards

Tri Peaks Solitaire

This quick-moving solitaire brain game challenge will have your mouse going as fast as your mind. The object: Move cards in numerical order from three pyramids into your stack as quickly as possible; you rack up points both for speed and the number of cards you play in a row. If you get stuck, there's a pile to restart the game. 

treasure map

Treasure Hunt

You'll test your memory with this simple, nautical-themed brain game. Study the objects in a virtual room on an abandoned pirate ship, then try to identify what's different in an updated version of the room. Stay sharp: You'll get extra points for spotting gemstones hidden in the room.

crossword puzzle

Writing in the Stars

In this twist on a classic crossword puzzle, you must place nine, seven-letter words in the correct position on the star-shaped grid, and your only clues come from squares that overlap two words. Choose from a difficulty level of easy, medium, or hard for this brain game that challenges your attention to detail and executive functions such as strategizing and managing time and space.



This classic numbers brain game never gets old. Use the numbers 1-9 only once in each 3x3 region, row, and column to solve the puzzle. Think you know your Sudoku? This video will give you a quick primer on the games' rules and introduce you to "slicing and dicing."