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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Big, Street-Legal Little Tikes Car Is Your Childhood On Steroids

The classic Cozy Coupe kiddie car gets reborn as a working, full-size car, complete with no windshield.

Toytown Coupe
This ain't your kid's Cozy Coupe.

(Credit: Attitude Autos) 
The Little Tikes Cozy Coupe has been a childhood staple for over three decades. Even if you don't know the name, you know the car. It's a red plastic vehicle with a tall yellow top, all done up in a rounded design and powered by pedals. The only problem is that you're too big to fit in one. Unless you know the guys at Attitude Autos in the UK.

Mechanic John Bitmead and his buddies spent five months crafting a full-size, street-legal Cozy Coupe, which is dubbed the Toytown Coupe. It's red and yellow and runs on gas. You can't tell by looking at it, but the car started off as a Daewoo Matiz.
The Toytown fits two adults, but has no windshield, in keeping with the original version it's modeled after. That can make it a little daunting to take out on a rainy UK day. Unlike the toy version, the car can get up to 70 mph. The mechanics dedicated over 1,000 hours and about $6,600 into making the coupe.
Perhaps the giant Cozy Coupe will inspire other makers to craft adult-sized versions of popular toys. I would like to put in a request for a walking, talking Teddy Ruxpin that's as big as a grizzly bear, please.
Toytown Coupe
Yes, mom, it has airbags.

Source: Attitude Autos