See Rock City

See Rock City

Monday, August 19, 2013

Marble Hill, GA


"This little village is located at the northeastern end of the marble quarry area. The mercantile enterprises were largely supported by the workers in marble. The town lies between several mountains, at the head of Long Swamp Valley--a region of great natural beauty.

The first Catholic Church ever built in Pickens County was located here, when a number of marble-cutters of that faith came into the Valley to do some work for the old Piedmont marble Company. They erected and dedicated this church and worshipped in it for a time, but when their jobs were done and they returned to their former homes the church went into decay. Now it would be hard to pick out the exact spot on which it was located."

...from the History of Pickens County by Luke E. Tate -- 1935
Carving at Marble Hill
Tableau of carved marble decorates a retaining wall at the Marble Hill Baptist Church.

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