See Rock City

See Rock City

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hooved Footwear

I know that we have some horse lovers here in the south and especially in Texas. Maybe you would like to wear some shoes like these when you go line dancing or maybe just wear them while you are riding horse back instead of your favorite cowboy, cowgirl boots.

Source:  Texas Hill Country

Wildseed Farms, Fredericksburg, TX

Wildseed Farms-The Largest Working Wildflower Farm in the World. Fredericksburg, Texas

If you would love to see some beautiful Texas flowers Click Here to view what they are growing down on the farm.

Fields of Flowers 
Their Flower Fields in bloom are one of the most popular destinations in "The Meadows". Planted for seed production, acres of Texas bluebonnets, corn poppies, verbenas, and many other species are accessible to the public in The Meadows area. They anticipate blooms to appear in late March 2014. Different seasons naturally feature different growth stages of these crops, and a field of red poppies in the springtime may be a field of cosmos or zinnias when you come back for a summer visit!

Click Here to get a 360 degree of the Wildseed Farm Store.

The Beauty of Wildflowers courtesy of Wildseed Farms