See Rock City

See Rock City

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Song Of The Old Folks

Growing old ain't so much fun,
It's to the doctor you run,run,run.

The "hereafter",is often on your mind,
What ever it was your mind left behind.

To walk up the stairs is quite a toil,
You wish your joints had more oil.

You pop when you walk,
You croak when you sing,
To hot on the porch,
You don't want to swing.

The doctor says no salt,
You shake out to much.
The food is no good without,
A bit or a touch.

Now the doctor just took away my sugar too!!!!
What in the world am I going to do?

My hearing is GOING, "What's that you say?" AND
I no longer see clearly, most often these days,
Every thing looks murky, or glowing with haze.

You wake up at night, to the bathroom you go,
Oh Yeah! I was here only an hour ago.
You stager back to bed, to sleep you can't go,
Then off goes the alarm clock, oh no, and oh no.

By: Lucy Waters Hagy