See Rock City

See Rock City

Saturday, March 2, 2013

More Southern Lingo

Aim To- plan to do

Airish- cold

Biggity- vain and overbearing

Bitty Bit- a small amount

Carry On- to carry on foolishness

Clodhopper- heavy work shoes or large shoes

Chunk- throw, toss

Cow Lick- hair standing out on one's head.

Directly- in a little while, or a couple of weeks

Dixie- Southern States of the U.S.A

Do Hicky- substitute name. Like the terms whata-ma-call-it or thinga-ma-jig

Falling Out- disagreement

Feisty- being frisky

Fixing To- about to

Hey- hello

Hold your horses- (be patient)

Honey- affectionate term

Laid Up- ill, hurt, unable to work

Mess-one who carries on, "He's a mess."

Much Obliged- thank you; hope to return the favor

Piddle- waste time, doing nothing

Playing Possum- playing dead

Reckon- think or supose so.

Shindig- dance or celebration

Smokehouse- Shed with a dirt floor where pork and other meats is cured, and then smoked.

Sorry- inferior quality, worthless, and lazy

Southern Belle- Southern lady

Spring Chicken- young thing

Sweet Talking Thing- has a good line

Tight- stingy with money

Wait On- serve or assist

White Lighting- moonshine whiskey

Worry Wart- one who is annoying

Ya'll or Y'all (can be spelled both ways)- you all, two or more people

Source: Internet