See Rock City

See Rock City

Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Challenging Puzzle

THIS IS NOT THE EASIEST OF PUZZLES............................

Have fun with it!

This is a real puzzle…..not a joke!
Try it, you'll like it, or you'll hate it, or you won’t even remember it.
(Remember to send it on, before you forget it, though)
If you can put this puzzle together. You can say goodbye to Alzheimer's!---AT LEAST FOR NOW.........
This is really clever and a bit challenging. As we older people are concerned with Alzheimer's disease, this puzzle may help dispel some fear. 

It's easy to put together if you are not affected by Alzheimer's disease, but impossible to do for someone with the disease. 
Give it a try. If this puzzle is particularly difficult for you, then your physician can offer you additional testing to check you for Alzheimer's.
Just remember, if you can put this puzzle together, you do not have to fear Alzheimer's!  A really neat puzzle!!
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