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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lying in the Shadows

Whether you’re driving your car, checking your email, texting a friend, walking through a store, or signing up for Obamacare, there’s one thing that remains constant – Uncle Sam is watching your every move.

After this past year alone, there’s no longer any question about that.

Not only has the government legislated its way into every facet of your life, but it has also silently designed countless methods to keep a watchful eye on you.

You caught a glimpse when Edward Snowden leaked procedures used by the NSA…

You got a taste when reports were filed about the DOJ spying on Associated Press and Fox News journalists…

But these aren’t the only devious lengths the government is using to shadow you. In fact, these only scratch the surface…

On any given day, the average American will be monitored and tracked in more than 20 different ways by both government agencies and major corporations.

And now, because of Kathleen Sebelius and her crew of Obamacare navigators, you can up that number to 21…

Social Insecurity

Buried deep within the abyss of Obamacare rules and regulations is a $54 million federal slush fund regulated by Kathleen Sebelius.

If you don’t recall who Sebelius is, let me refresh your memory…

She’s the Secretary of Health and Human services who’s no stranger to scandalous allegations.
You might recall her most recent accusations on abusive solicitations for Obamacare support and donations.

But her corruption runs even deeper than that…

When she was governor of Kansas, an inspector general said that Sebelius and her appointed health policy board forced the inspector to alter an audit report. When the inspector refused, Sebelius restricted access for her to seek legal advice and threatened to fire her.
Starting to ring a bell?

Now, Sebelius is involved in an Obamacare slush fund rouse…

You see, under the Affordable Care Act, there’s a section devoted to “navigators.” The reason for establishing these Obamacare navigators is so healthcare customers can have guided help when going through their state’s insurance exchange process.

On the outside, that sounds like a noble cause (despite being so complicated it actually requires guides to help educate the public).

However, if you look a little deeper, the plan is just about as insane as Obamacare itself.

The problem lies in the fact that these navigators aren’t highly trained healthcare or insurance specialists whatsoever. In fact, some of them could even be individuals without a high school diploma.
Now ask yourself, how the heck could they possibly understand your healthcare and insurance needs?
The reality of it is, any and all individuals, corporations, even political interest groups can become Obamacare navigators. All they need to do is apply.

Once signed up, they take a 20-hour course and are tapped into the $54 million navigator fund… free to spend taxpayer money at will – for “navigational purposes,” of course.

As a means of “helping the community,” Obamacare navigators are expected to use every vehicle they can. Campaigns include door-to-door, phone call, email and online advertising efforts.
But here’s the most shocking part of all…

In order for navigators to best serve you, they’re going to need access to your highly personal information.

What type of info am I referring to?
  • Income level
  • Social Security number
  • Government assistance eligibility and status
  • Address
  • Personal phone number
  • Birthday
  • Medical records
And get this: Having a criminal record isn’t an immediate disqualifier – that includes identity theft!
Most states aren’t even running background checks.

They’ll have their grimy hands all over just about every bit of personal information you want to protect.

Now keep in mind, a navigator could certainly be some punk from down the road, but in most cases, community groups are leading the charge. I’m talking Planned Parenthood on down to socialized medicine activist organizations.

In the Dark

Let’s face it. When it comes to government surveillance, you’re fully aware of some of the harshest methods. But others? Not so much…

This is why you often hear me talking about government surveillance. It’s not to promote controversy… it’s not to harp on conspiracy…

Instead, it’s to ensure that you’re fully aware of the environment surrounding you. After all, it’s your God-given right to know everything the government is doing.

There was a time when those actions were supposed to be in favor of your rights, and not be actions worthy of hiding or exposing.

Lately, there are too many dangerous examples of the government acting above the law.
Whether it’s for authoritative knowledge or for government’s big business friends to profit, there’s always going to be some government agency or major corporation listening in, tracking your behavior and logging your personal information.

It’s the unfortunate byproduct of this new age we’re living in… The new age of exorbitantly oversized government reign.

Your eyes on the Hill,
Martin Biancuzzo

Source: CapitalHillDaily