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Monday, August 19, 2013

Tate, Georgia



Tate Georgia historic railway depot

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Tate is an unincorporated town in Pickens County, Georgia, United States. Originally called Marble Works post office by the United States Postal Service, then Harnageville after Ambrose Harnage, it was the first county seat for Cherokee County, which functioned as a large territory rather than a true county during the State of Georgia initial organization of the final Cherokee territory within the state. Elections for a full county government were held in 1832, and court was held at the Harnage house.

Prior to that time many county government functions were administered by adjacent counties. In December 1832 Cherokee county was divided into 7 other counties. It was renamed after Colonel Sam Tate in 1880.

Tate includes the main quarries of the Georgia Marble Company, a new division of the second largest stone company in North America, Polycor. The quarries are internationally known for their marble quality, and are served by the Georgia Northeastern Railroad. It is also served by nearby Interstate 575 from metro Atlanta, which ends into State Route 515 just to the south in Nelson. Former State Route 5 is the main street through town, though the GDOT has moved that number onto 575 and 515 now.

The Tate House is a historic home that once served as a restaurant and bed & breakfast in Tate. It now does business as a facility for weddings and other special events.

Other variant names for this place include Harnages, Harnage, and Tateville.


"Widely known as the home of Georgia marble is the little town of Tate. The main quarries of The Georgia Marble Company were located here, as well as one of its large marble works. This is one of the oldest settlements in the County, and in fact was the site of the very first election and court held in the newly organized Cherokee territory in 1832.

The settlement was then called Harnageville, after Ambrose Harnage, in whose house the early court was held. The post office at this place was officially known as Marble Works for a period of years; then it was re-named Harnageville; and when the railroad came through in the early 1880's the town received its present name. A high school building here was build of Georgia marble, made possible by the interest and liberality of Colonel Sam Tate, one of the founding fathers."

...from the History of Pickens County by Luke E. Tate -- 1935
Tate Mansion
Mansion of Georgia pink marble built by Col Sam Tate in 1926

Source:  History of Pickens County
Tate Train Station
The old railroad depot remains as it was when the station master "picked up his papers and walked away