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See Rock City

Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Magic Corn Trick

First off you’ll want to remove a few of the husks that might be dry or dirty and cut off about an inch from the bottom end; right above where the husk is attached.

Next, place the corn, with the husks still on, in the microwave and cook on high using this timeline (cooking time may vary depending on your microwave):
1 ear – 2 minutes
2 ears – 3-4 minutes
3 ears – 5-6 minutes
4 ears – 7-8 minutes
6 ears – 8-9 minutes

When time’s up, let the corn rest for approximately 3 minutes. It continues to cook and will be MUCH easier to handle.

Pick the corn up by the top end and gently squeeze and shake the corn. It will just sliiiiiiiide right out! No silky strings to muddle with. No husks to peel. Just pure goodness.

I slathered a little butter and salt on my ear of corn and ate it right up. It was moist, crisp, and delicious! It’s magic!

Source: Bakerette