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See Rock City

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Overton Park, Memphis TN In Vintage Pictures

The Original "Monkey Island"

Pavilion & Pagoda Overton Park Memphis TN postcard 1930's

Rainbow Lake in Overton Park 

Early Pavilion in Overton Park

1910 Postcard of "The Monkey House." 

Carnivora Building, Zoo, Overton Park, Memphis, Tennessee - ca. 1910 postcard

"Doughboy Stature" in Overton Park 


1910 postcard | by Sunken Gardens, Overton Park, Memphis, Tennessee, ca. 1910 postcard 

Entrance to Overton Park, Memphis, Tenn. - ca. 1940 postcard

Postcard Of Memphis Zoo Entrance 

1937 Brooks Memorial Art Gallery Overton Park Memphis Tennessee Postcard 

Overton Park Birdhouse at the Zoo 

Memphis Shell in Overton Park 

Children's Playground, Overton Park 

Pavillon and Lake Overton Park Memphis Tn 1900's

Bird's-eye view of the major features of Overton Park.

Elephant House at the Zoo, Overton Park, Memphis, Tenn. c. 1930 

Parkview Hotel at the Popular Entrance to Overton Park ... the corner of Poplar and Tucker/Kenilworth at the main entrance of Overton Park. It was one of the few residential hotels ever constructed in Memphis

Historic memphis zoo reptile house | Reptile House, Overton Park Zoo Memphis Tennessee

Monkey Mountain, Overton Park, Memphis, Tenn. c. 1920

The Pagoda at Overton Park. 1911

Ernest Withers, Overton Park Zoo. Memphis, TN 1950's