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See Rock City

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Jacks Creek, TN

Jacks Creek, also called Jack's Creek, is an unincorporated community in Chester County, Tennessee.


The community is situated on Highway 100E. It has an elevation of 515 ft. The Zip Code of Jacks Creek is 38347.


The area was settled in the 1820's.

John Marshall Stone made his home here before moving in 1855 to Mississippi, where he would eventually become governor of that state. There were two minor incidents near Jacks Creek during the Civil War: a skirmish one mile north of town, on September 12, 1863; and a one-day battle one mile south of town involving a Confederate unit under Nathan Bedford Forrest and United States Army troops out of Corinth, Mississippi, on December 23, 1863.

In 1937 the community became the site of the Jack's Creek Intermediate Landing Field, an airport on the flight line between Nashville and Memphis that was designated as an emergency landing field. At one time it was the second largest landing field in the United States, with two runways, a beacon light and a radio control tower. During World War II the airfield was used by the U.S. Army Air Force as a practice site.

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