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See Rock City

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Palmersville, TN

Palmersville is a small unincorporated town in northwestern Weakley County, Tennessee. Its ZIP code is 38241. The United States Census Bureau does not maintain demographic data for Palmersville.

Palmersville is within the 8th Congressional district represented in the U.S. House by Republican Stephen Fincher.


Palmersville was one of the first settlements in Weakley County. It is named for one of its founders, W.R. Palmer. In 1924, the town was devastated by a fire which destroyed all but four buildings leaving only the local bank, the blacksmith shop, and two stores unscathed.

Notable Natives

Pauline LaFon Gore, mother of former Vice President Al Gore

Ned McWherter, former Governor of Tennessee

Paul Jolley, American Idol season 12 contestant


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