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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Saltillo, TN

Saltillo is a town in Hardin County, Tennessee. The population was 303 at the 2010 census. Saltillo is located on the left bank of the Tennessee River, about 12 miles north of Savannah.


Saltillo was founded by Thomas Shannon in October, 1822. He had left Davidson County, Tennessee and arrived in the area on a keelboat with enough provisions to last one year, two men, Colonel John Holland and Parkerson Mitchell, to assist him, and four black men. The men arrived via Tennessee River and built camp about half a mile from the river. Shannon's wife and seven children came by land with a drive of forty cattle. This cattle would serve as the starting point for Shannon to raise cattle for income, but the cattle were unable to adapt to the change in their environment and feeding. Within three months of grazing, 39 of the 40 cattle were dead. Shortly after the Shannon family's arrival, Shannon and his sons built a log cabin in 1825, serving as the first house built in Saltillo. Shortly thereafter a store-house was built by Smith Hawkins for dry goods to be distributed, which were sold out within three months. The area where this store-house was built is now called Hawkin's Landing.

More settlers came to the area and another store was built a quarter mile south of the first store by Hawkin's brother, Perry. The first man to be killed in town was Simpson Lee, who was thrown off his horse. Barges began regularly delivering goods and residents would travel as far as the Duck River for a grist mill. In 1842 Thomas Davy purchased the land once owned by Thomas Shannon and it was named Davy's Landing. In 1849 Davy leased the land to Scott Terry, who renamed the area Saltillo. The town was named Saltillo after Saltillo, Mexico by Terry, who was a veteran of the Mexican-American War. The Saltillo post office was opened in 1850.


Economic History:

Saltillo was a shipping point, distributing cotton and staves as late as 1861. During this time period, the town had one Methodist church, a Masonic lodge, two general stores, multiple grist mills, two saw mills, two tanneries and stave manufacturers and dealers. Saltillo was also described historically as a fishing town.

Arts and culture:

Architecture within the area reaches back to the 1840's, including an early farmhouse and Greek Revival buildings. The Parker House was built around 1906 by Luther Parker, a local doctor, and is now a bed and breakfast. The Meady White House has Greek Revival and Italianate influences and was built with slave labor in 1847 by Meady White, who helped found the town. Cemeteries are also located in the area, pre-dating the American Civil War. The Saltillo Ferry is owned by Hardin County and operates daily allowing travelers to cross the Tennessee River, just outside of Savannah, to Saltillo.

Cherry Mansion

265 West Main Street

Circa 1830. Built by David Robinson and presented as a wedding gift to his daughter & son-in-law, W. H. Cherry. Served as headquarters for General U. S. Grant in the spring of 1862. Grant's breakfast was interrupted by couriers with news that the battle of Shiloh had begun. Building is not open to the public, but visitors welcome to walk the grounds & take pictures. Grant Headquarters Monument is located one block east.

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