See Rock City

See Rock City

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Vintage Pictures Of Memphis, TN

Riverfront 1900's

U.S. Customs Building on left / Cossitt Library 1940's on right and cars are parked on the cobblestone bank of the Mississippi River.

Seesel's Grocery Drawing on Austin Peay Hwy. this building has been torn down.

Do you remember wearing these in school?

Memphis Bluff's on the Mississippi River 1906

 U.T.'s Medical Campus 1947

Leahy's on Summer Ave. Memphis, TN

Memphis State College now MSU / Scate's Hall

Tennessee Brewery 495 Tennessee St. Memphis, TN

St. Joseph Hospital this building has been razed and replaced with St. Jude Research Hospital.

Planters Peanuts and Old McDonald's on Summer Ave. Memphis, TN

Rhoades/Southwestern University on Parkway 

It is, of course, very beautiful but not as green. All the space between the women's quad and the backs of the Hein Park houses has to be parking lots. However, the center of the campus behind Briggs and in front of Mallory Gym has no traffic at all any more. Just foot traffic and a huge lawn bounded by the music building and the new library. All the parking surrounds the buildings, one drives all the way around the gyms to find parking for McCoy Theatre (in the old Zeta house). V. Astor

(left-bottom) Building of the Hyatt at Poplar 1974? 

Peabody Hotel located at Main St. and Monroe 1900 

Humko on Watkins Ave. building has been razed.

Clark Towers Building on Popular Ave. 

Botanical Gardens East Memphis

Pictures Of Audubon Park In East Memphis. 

National Cemetery Jackson Ave. 

Fishing Rodeo 1951 Audubon Park 

Elvis' 26th birthday 

Orgill Brothers Downtown 

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