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See Rock City

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

14 Things Girls Need From Their Fathers

There is nothing like the dynamic between a little girl and her daddy. Little girls learn so much, and need so much, from these first men in their lives.

A girl needs:

To see her father love her mother – show her the kind of love she should expect from a man. She will look for a husband that is just like you. If you aren’t married, she needs love, and she needs to be shown the kind of love she should search for.

To dance with her dad – on the tops of your shoes. Her first memory of dancing with a boy should be the one who loves her unconditionally. You’ll both remember that moment when you dance with her on her wedding day.

To be told she’s beautiful – every. single. day. Whether she’s in her nicest dress or covered in mud. Never let a day pass without telling her. She will need to learn that there is more to life than being beautiful, but every little girl needs to feel pretty.

Flowers – there is nothing more special to a girl than a bouquet someone picked out just for her. Let her experience that early and often.

Comfort – like only a Daddy can. In your arms she will feel safe and secure. So hold her when her heart is breaking, no matter her age. It will help her begin to piece it back together.

For you to be proud of her – and make sure she knows. She will search for you at her dance recitals and her softball games. She will work to earn your approval.

Respect – and teach her to demand respect from others. Boys will not respect her if they don’t have to. Let her know that she deserves it and she will make them.

To have tea parties – and play dress up or dolls. Paint her toe nails and braid her hair. Some of her favorite memories will be when she saw that side of you no one else gets.

For her dad to meet her dates – make them come in and shake your hand. Let them know what you expect. Scare them to death. And then, let go and let her have fun. But be waiting up when she gets home. She may have just fallen in love.

For you to give her away – look into the eyes of the man she is marrying and trust that she’s making the right decision. Let her see your pride, your tears, and your fear. But, then smile, tell her she’s beautiful, and escort her to her future.

To be read to – of far of castles and princesses. She will fall asleep and dream of kings and knights, and they will look just like you.

To lose – even if it hurts. Let her lose while you are still there for her to run to. Let her lose and learn that she can get back up and try again; and that you’ll be cheering her on when she does.

Rules – and stability. It will be so easy to look into her beautiful face and always give in. Don’t. She needs structure. She needs expectations. She WILL thank you for the gift of having rules some day.

To always have her daddy - even when she’s grown. She needs to grow up watching you. She needs you there for her first school dance, her prom, and her wedding. She needs you there when she is a child and when she has children of her own. She needs to know that you will always be hers, and she could never possibly outgrow you. Never.