See Rock City

See Rock City

Friday, December 20, 2013

Memphis Memories

How many of these Memphis Memories do you remember?

Mr. Bingle's

Gas Station On Cleveland

Peabody Venetian Room

Admiral Benbow Inn, Union Ave. And Summer Ave.

Clarabell The Christmas Cow 

Monkey Island at the Memphis Zoo 

Aviary at Memphis Zoo 

What A Burger, In Frayser on Frayser Blvd. or the one in Whitehaven.

"Olive Oyl, the Zoo's Simian Prima Donna, tops off each of her two daily meals with an ice cream cone (vanilla preferred) handed to her by Superintendent Melroy. She gets orange juice, bananas, apples, bread, milk and lettuce-All prepared with as much care as that given a baby's diet.

Snakes Home at the Memphis Zoo 

Original entrance with gift shop at the Memphis Zoo.

Kingsbury High school

Steamboat Five tent at the Fairgrounds!

Did you ever wonder where Le Bonheur got its name? Le Bonheur was founded in June 15, 1952 by the Le Bonheur Club, originally a women's sewing circle, and was originally an orphanage dedicated to caring for poor children. The Le Bonheur Club members raised all of the money for the initial investment for the hospital. When the doors opened, the Le Bonheur Club President Mrs. Howard Pritchard stated, "The doors of Le Bonheur will never be found closed and will forever hereafter be open to those who come in need, seeking its help." Translated from French, it means Happiness!

FIRESTONE sold more than just tires 

Firestone On Union Ave. 

Holiday Inn Midtown Memphis, TN  

Holiday Inn Summer Ave, Memphis, TN first Holiday Inn.

Holiday Inn, Lamar Ave, Memphis, TN

Children Shoe Store on Lamar Ave. This has been torn down

TGI Fridays, Overton Square in Midtown Memphis , side view of the building 

The Pipkin Building at the Fairgrounds 

Mall Of Memphis (torn down)

Lobby of Hotel Chisca

Parkview Hotel And Apartments on Poplar at Overton Park (the building is now white and is condo's)

Goldsmith's Enchanted Forest downtown Goldsmith's now at Agri Center

The Merry Mobile ( Ice Cream Cart in Summer ringing it's bell during the summer) 

Sno Cream Castle on National at Jackson and National Cemetary. 

The Overton Park Shell in the days before it became the Levitt Shell. What a treasure this place is! Still putting on great concerts - 50 free concerts a year - 

1957 Christmas at Graceland

Graceland Reindeers

Christmas at Graceland

Looking south on Main Street, 2011 vs 1943. Earnestine & Hazel's was not there in '43... the Arcade and Memphis Central Station was. There were twice as many trolley tracks in '43 also.

PIC-PAC in the background of Leonard's on Bellvadere

Ray Gammons At Summer Ave and Parkway, (there is a new Walgreens here now.)

Kid's Boat Ride at the Memphis Zoo, 

Sealtest Milk on Madison Ave.

Old Krystal on Summer Ave at National

Pancho's Restaurant on Union Ave.

Kress Variety Store and Lunch counter downtown

Penny's at Poplar Plaza at Highland

Beretta's Bar-B-Q

They moved the Belle to the Air Force Museum in Dayton Ohio and is being completely restored then will be put on display there.

Memphis Bus with overhead trolley wires for bus 

The Downtowner on Union Ave.

The Memphis Fairgrounds and the Shelby County Building

Fred Montesi's Grocery on Summer Ave.

Anderton's East on Madison

Navel Hospital at Riverside Park

Train ride at the Memphis Zoo

Sweden Kream on National at Jackson (Best shakes in town)

Shoney's Big Boys 

 Lakeland's Drag Strip

Katz Drug Stores, one was on Lamar and the other was on Frayser Blvd.

Liberty Bowl Program

Woolco on Jackson Av. at Macon

The Four Flames on Popular Ave.

Source: Memphis Memories