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Friday, December 20, 2013

Insults You'll Probably Hear From Your Family During The Holidays

The holidays are a time for eating and getting insulted by family members. Read below and see all of the passive-aggressive insults you can expect to hear from you family this Holiday Season.

By the time I was your age, I already had three children.

Trust me, you don't want all of the hassles of owning a home.

I wish I had the confidence to leave the house wearing that.

Who knew that an English major would end up unemployable?

We'll understand if you don't have gifts for the family this year.

What if you asked your cousin for a job?

It's great you have those cats to keep you company.

Is it laundry day?

I hear you've really gotten good at video games.

So glad that you are doing good after that DUI.

It's OK if you ever want to bring a girl to meet the family.

I had no idea that sweatpants were popular again.

How's that new car that I helped you pay for?

I'm so jealous of all that free time you have.

In my day we graduated collage in four years.

Some girls prefer guys with no roommates.

Only three more divorces to go before you catch Liz Taylor.

Did you hear your brother got another promotion?

Does someone pay you to do that?

Wasn't that supposed to be a summer job?

You look tired.

Don't worry honey, marriage isn't for everyone.

Congrats for almost paying off that '03 Stratus.

Your face has really filled out since last year.

Partial custody means more time to focus on you.

This time of year there's lots of retail jobs available.

You seem pretty stress free for a guy with no job.

You do have a comb, don't you?